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We promote youth empowerment through access to knowledge and opportunities, career services and skills training.  We help Ghana’s youth prepare, develop and excel in the world of work or as entrepreneurs.

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What are members saying?

“My mentor and I met and he asked questions about me, my career aspirations and goals, then, he gave me tasks to do to. My mentor has been very helpful to me as the tasks he gave me have put me back on my career path of research. I am so grateful to my mentor, he is a really good person.”

Jessica | Chemical Engineering | 2015 Mentoring Program

Mentor: Seasoned oil & gas expert, Schlumberger


“It has always been my desire to be a pilot but situations and the environment I found myself pushed me into a different field. I was given a mentor from the Aviation sector, and I was so excited to see him! To me, GGCC has offered me an opportunity I couldn’t get somewhere else. Thank you GGCC”.

Sylvanus | Aviation Interest | 2015 Mentoring Program

Mentor: Pilot, Africa World Airlines


“My mentor has been very responsive, answering all my questions and emails, despite his very busy schedule. I appreciate my mentor very much and I am sure our relationship will keep building as the program continues. He has been really helpful.”

Hayford Apawu | Engineering, Oil & Gas | 2015 Mentoring Program

Mentor: Oil & Gas expert, GE Oil & Gas